The most versatile remote management solution in the market


Independent of OEM

The insmart hardware supports multiple brands. Older and newer HVAC appliances can be connected.

No smart thermostat needed

The insmart module works with all thermostats. There is no need for your customer to buy a new (expensive) smart thermostat.

Stable connection

Insmart uses Narrowband IoT connection to send data. There is no dependency on the internet connection of your customers.

Privacy for you and your customer

All information is secured well. Peronal data such as names or addresses will be stored in a separate database. ​


More and more HVAC appliances can be remotely monitored. With the solution of insmart, you sort yourself out for the future.

Compatible with older HVAC aplliances

The CV Monitor works independently of the latest technologies in the HVAC appliances and can therefore also be connected to older HVAC appliances.