Solution: Predictive maintenance with NB-IoT Technology

We deliver our technology to different target groups and provide valuable energy saving tips to consumers.

With our in-house developed hardware and software we are able to deliver a cost efficient platform for predictive maintenance. By using NB-IOT, no network setup is necessary and minimize the installation time of our hardware to around 5 minutes.

Maintenance companies

We offer service companies a platform to remotely monitor their HVAC appliances. With our solution these companies work more efficiently. A huge advantage these days with the shortage of technicians.

Component distributers

Distributors use the data from remote monitoring to better forecast the supplies needed by the mechanic. Besides, it offers the distributor the possibility to add value by sharing HVAC domain knowlegde.


Products of OEM's become more attractive to installers when they can be remotely monitored. The preferred brand is the brand with the appliances that can remotely be monitored and controlled.