News - June 29, 2023

Collaboration between Inventum and insmart

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Collaboration between Inventum and insmart

Good news!!! We are pleased to announce that you can now monitor Inventum's Savings Pumps and Modul-AIR heat pumps with insmart. Inventum and insmart have worked closely together to provide the best support for the Savings Pumps and Modul-AIRs on the insmart platform.

Unique: Saving pump and boiler readout with 1 module

Discover the unique ability to read both your boiler and Savings Pump with just one insmart module. By placing the insmart module between the boiler and Savings Pump, you can read data from both devices. This provides valuable insight into the performance of your system, such as the number of firing hours left for the boiler before maintenance is required.

Notifications and insight

Benefit from notifications about maintenance, alerts and malfunctions. You easily set which notifications you want to receive, such as alerts about low water pressure in the system. You then set the threshold at which you wish to receive e- mail notifications. Using the insmart platform, you also get access to all information from the connected devices. This is especially useful when a customer calls with questions and you want to watch remotely to assess the situation.